Dirty Tricks and How to Avoid Them

After seeing this happen too many times, I have been inspired to make an addition to a popular past article posting “Dirty Tricks and How to Avoid Them.” Specifically, I discuss the practice some parents have of scheduling children’s activities over the other parent’s parenting time.

Parenting Time in Minnesota Divorce and Custody Cases

For those of us dealing with parenting time schedules every day, there is a certain short-hand which becomes part of our vocabulary. To help those who are not familiar with the most common parenting time schedules to better understand and visualize them, I have just included an important addition to my article on parenting time in Minnesota divorce and custody cases, complete with tables, so that the reader will have a better grasp of some of the most typical arrangements that are available. The article is titled: “Parenting Time in Minnesota Divorce and Custody Cases.