Parenting time

Dirty Tricks and How to Avoid Them

After seeing this happen too many times, I have been inspired to make an addition to a popular past article posting “Dirty Tricks and How to Avoid Them.” Specifically, I discuss the practice some parents have of scheduling children’s activities over the other parent’s parenting time.

Parenting Time in Minnesota Divorce and Custody Cases

For those of us dealing with parenting time schedules every day, there is a certain short-hand which becomes part of our vocabulary. To help those who are not familiar with the most common parenting time schedules to better understand and visualize them, I have just included an important addition to my article on parenting time in Minnesota divorce and custody cases, complete with tables, so that the reader will have a better grasp of some of the most typical arrangements that are available. The article is titled: “Parenting Time in Minnesota Divorce and Custody Cases.

Custody Evaluations in Minnesota Divorce & Custody Cases

Today I published a new article addressing custody evaluations in Minnesota. Among other things, the article addresses the components of a thorough evaluation, and provides some guidance on how to make a good impression on the evaluator, and considerations on how best to involve your attorney in this important process. The article is available here on my website under the title “Custody Evaluations in Minnesota.”

Adultery in Minnesota Divorce and Custody Cases

My article posting today addresses the issue of adultery, and the ways it is and is not relevant to divorce and child custody cases. It is a must-read before daring to raise or respond to an adultery issue. The article is available here on my website: “Adultery in Minnesota Divorce.”

Social Early Neutral Evaluations in Minnesota Divorce & Custody Cases

The Social Early Neutral Evaluation, or “SENE”, has become a routine part of the settlement of contested custody cases in counties which have adopted the program, as have Hennepin and Ramsey counties. Most contested custody and parenting time cases will be settled through this program. For that reason, I’ve published an article on the subject here: “Social Early Neutral Evaluations in Minnesota Divorce and Custody Cases.” Besides describing how the program works, important tactical considerations are discussed.

Grandparent Visitation in Minnesota

Contrary to what is often assumed, there are many situations where grandparents can obtain court-ordered visitation rights on a regular, recurring schedule. In an article on my website I address the circumstances under which this may be awarded: “Grandparent Visitation in Minnesota.”

Out of State Moves in Minnesota Divorce & Custody Cases

In the old days, the parent having sole physical custody could move the children to another state for almost any reason. Then around 2007, the legislature changed the law and passed a statute governing out of state moves, which makes it much more difficult, regardless of which parent has custody. The grounds for out of state moves are discussed at length in an article I wrote on the subject and posted here: “Moving Children Out of State in Minnesota Divorce and Custody Cases.

Parenting Consultants in Minnesota Divorce & Custody Cases

The rise in the use of Parenting Consultants in Minnesota divorce and child custody cases prompted me to write an article on the subject, available here: “Parenting Consultants in Minnesota.”

Parenting TIme (Visitation) in Minnesota Divorce & Custody Cases

I’ve drafted an important article on parenting time which addresses: 1) the right to parenting time; 2) typical parenting time schedules; and 3) modification of parenting time. Read the full article here: “Parenting Time in Minnesota Divorce and Child Custody Cases.”

Paternity in Minnesota

Establishing paternity over children born out of wedlock, and the related child custody considerations in this situation, are discussed here in an article I have posted on my website: “Paternity in Minnesota.

Step-parent Visitation in Minnesota Divorce Cases

Contrary to common belief, there are circumstances when stepparents can obtain court-ordered parenting time. That is the subject of an article I have written and posted here: “Step-parent visitation in Minnesota.”

Physical Custody in Minnesota Divorce & Custody Cases

Today’s article is an important one, which I drafted to provide insight into the factors which the court and custody evaluators consider when making physical custody determinations. The so-called “best interest factors” are listed in many places. I give you my elaboration on them, to better inform readers of how each factor is applied in practice. The full article is available here: “Physical Custody in Minnesota.”

Who Gets the Kids While We Wait to Go to Court?

It is often the case that parties dispute who may have the children during the time period while they wait to get to court, which can be weeks to months away, depending on the county. A have answered this frequently asked question here: “Who Gets the Kids While We Wait to Go to Court?

What Can I Do to Keep Costs Down?

Clients often ask what they can do to help keep down their legal costs. Some suggestions are the subject of an FAQ response which I’ve posted here: “What Can I Do to Keep Costs Down?

Should I Move Out, And If So, How?

Moving out of the marital home is a decision which can have enormous implications for your divorce and/or child custody and parenting time case. Such a move should never be made without consulting an attorney. I discuss some of the strategic implications in the following FAQ: “Should I Move Out, and If So, How?