Financial Early Neutral Evaluations in Minnesota Divorce Cases

The Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (or FENE), is explained in an article I published today on my web site: “Financial Early Neutral Evaluations in Minnesota Divorce.” This article explains in a nutshell what the FENE is, and how to best choose your evaluator.

Mediation in Minnesota Divorce and Custody Cases

I’m often asked whether it is better to mediate or to litigate. I answer this question in detail in an article posted here on my website: “Mediation in Minnesota Divorce and Child Custody Cases.”

Parenting Consultants in Minnesota Divorce & Custody Cases

The rise in the use of Parenting Consultants in Minnesota divorce and child custody cases prompted me to write an article on the subject, available here: “Parenting Consultants in Minnesota.”

Post-Nuptial Agreements in Minnesota

I’ve had many clients over the years who have anguished over the issue of whether or not to get a divorce, not so much because they wanted one at that point in time, but more because of fear that they would be in a worse position if things continued the way they were going, and a divorce was likely in the future. The post-nuptial agreement can be a perfect solution in this situation. An article I wrote on the subject is available here: “Post-Nuptial Agreements in Minnesota Divorce.”

Should I Get a New Lawyer?

In today’s FAQ response I address the common question of whether or not it’s time to hire a replacement attorney: “Should I Get a New Lawyer?

How Much Compromise is Reasonable?

When compromising to reach a settlement, it’s important to know where you stand should the matter be litigated. Knowing the likely range of litigated outcomes will help you decide how much compromise is reasonable. I have published a detailed answer to this FAQ here: “How Much Compromise is Reasonable?